domingo, 16 de agosto de 2009

Green Means Go...

August 2, 2009

A long day of traveling yesterday but finally I am here in Lima, Peru! I would say that my experience last night at customs was the easiest I have ever been through. Once you are off the plane everyone begins walking as fast as possible to try to beat everyone around them to immigration because the line grows quickly. But it was so late that I think even the immigration officers were anxious to get us through. No questions asked, stamp, stamp. Then at customs its just a big glob of people trying to get to one of the three green posts with the telltale button. This button tells you if your luggage is going to be checked. So you cross your fingers and press the button, visualizing in your mind nothing but the color green in hopes that you are allowed to pass through without having the disfortune of all of your belongings frisked by security. Lucky for me, I was mistaken as a member of the family who was standing in front of me and was quickly sent through customs without having to press the button. Nice.

Driving through Lima on a Saturday night around 1 o'clock in the morning was an experience as well. So many clubs and discotecas bustling with all kinds of people, neon lights illuminated in the misty sky. At our hotel I'm pretty sure we all crashed within a minute of falling into bed.

Today we met and had a delicious lunch with our host families. My host mother, Dina, entered the office calling out, "Donde esta mi hija, donde esta mi hija??" (Where is my daughter?) She is a very sweet woman who stands about as high as my shoulders but she is also a very strong and social woman. We went for a walk through our neighborhood, through the park that is just a block from our house, and to the grocery store where we bought some things for breakfast. She pointed out many cafes and restaurants that I am looking forward to passing time reading and hopefully meeting some other young travelers.

The language barrier is difficult but even as I have gone through the day today Ihave become more comfortable. However, I will definately admit that I am nervous about taking all of my classes in spanish this year. What a challenge it will be!

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