domingo, 16 de agosto de 2009

A few pre-departure thoughts...

My mom said its the day of "lasts".. the last walk with the dog, the last lunch out, the last supper... yet oddly enough, I don't even feel like I'm leaving. I know that I won't be here tomorrow, but I don't even have a picture in my mind of where I will be tomorrow and what I will be doing. In a way this is advantageous: since I do not have a pre-existing image of what my experience of Peru will be like, I will not be disappointed that my mental image did not match my experience. Something else that is odd is that this last week has gone by extremely slow. I was certain that come last monday, my last week in the states would absolutely fly by. But it has seemed to crawl in slow motion. Not that the last week has painfully dragged along, but it has been an unusually long week... in a good way. I have noticed myself appreciating my home, taking in the scenery that has become so routine and comfortable to me. This particular day seemed almsost surreal. Like it was extra normal.. so usual.. but every moment was a little bit more colorful and vibrant. I feel ready to go. I'm done talking about this adventure and I'm ready to actually do it.

Here's to an adveture of a lifetime! Thanks to friends and family who have supported me in this and who have stood behind me and who have assured me that this is not only the right decision but the absolute best.

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  1. Great to hear from you! I was hoping school was OK. The traveling sounds wonderful! Keep it up, I will travel vicariously through you...great to see a oicture of Dina, she's just what I expected!
    love, Linda